Question B.12, 2019 Legal Ethics Bar Exam


(Question B.12, Legal and Judicial Ethics, 2019 Bar Exam)

Judge B and his family went on vacation in an island resort in Coron, Palawan. One night, he was photographed by a local boatman who witnessed him appearing very drunk and in the act of dancing naked by the seashore. The photos were uploaded to a social media site and became viral.

May Judge B be subjected to any disciplinary sanctions? Explain. (3%)

Suggested Answer:

Yes. Answer

Under the New Code of Judicial Conduct, as a subject of constant public scrutiny, judges must accept personal restrictions that might be viewed as burdensome by the ordinary citizen and should do so freely and willingly. In particular, judges shall conduct themselves in a way that is consistent with the dignity of the judicial office. Rule

In the case at bar, Judge B should always conduct himself with dignity being under constant public scrutiny. Accordingly, him getting drunk and dancing naked on the seashore is inconsistent with the dignity of the judicial office. Apply

Thus, Judge B may be subjected to disciplinary sanctions. Conclusion


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