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1) Choose a plan and then a subject or a set.
2. You will be re-directed to the page for the chosen plan providing you instructions and method of payment.

1)  Enrollees may be bar examinees or law graduates/students doing an advance bar exam review. It’s on a first come, first serve basis.
2) If the link is de-activated, it may mean that the set is not yet available, or registration has been closed due to volume of registrants.
3) If you change your mind, do note that you have the option to upgrade later from a lower plan to a higher plan and simply pay for the difference for the remainder of your access.

A. Review Plans


Compliments your review.
1-Year Access
  • Online Reviewers
  • Customizable Reviewer
  • 2017 - 2019 Suggested Answers to the Bar Exam


Yep, I need help.
1-Year Access
  • Everything in BASIC, plus:
  • 6 Mini-Mock Bar Exams (10 items/exam)
  • 6 Mentoring on Mini-MBE (1-hr)**
  • 3 Mock Bar Exam (20 items/exams)
  • 3 Mentoring on MBE (1-hr)**
  • 5 Issue-Spotting Exams (10 items/exam)
  • 5 Concept Spotting Exams (10 items/exam)
  • 5 Managing Anxiety Lessons
  • 5 Essay Answering Lessons

B. Group Discounts

NOTICE: All of the above items are online and digital via access to online content in this website and/or certain 3rd-party platforms. No paper-based nor printed materials are provided.
*You have the option of: (a) dividing the number of practice tests or exams between the two subjects/parts in a set (e.g. Set 1 – 3 for Political Law, 3 for Labor Law); or (b) requesting all number of practice tests or mini-MBE will be only on one subject/part in a set. 
**Mentoring is a one-on-one session and scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm on a first reservation basis via scheduling.