I. Limitations on management prerogative; police power of the State

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Management prerogative – is the inherent right of the employer, to regulate, according to his own discretion and judgment, all aspects of employment, including hiring, work assignments, working methods, the time, place and manner of work, work supervision, transfer of employees, lay-off of workers, and discipline, dismissal, and recall of employees. (Peckson v. Robinsons Supermarket Corporation, G.R. No. 198534, 03 July 2013)


The exercise of management prerogative, however, is not absolute as it must be exercised in good faith and with due regard to the rights of labor. (Julie’s Bakeshop v. Arnaiz, G.R. No. 173882, 15 February 2012)

The only limitations to the exercise of this prerogative are those imposed by labor laws and the principles of equity and substantial justice. (Peckson v. Robinsons Supermarket Corporation, supra.)


In light of management prerogative, courts often decline to interfere in legitimate business decisions of employers. (Ibid.)

In fact, labor laws discourage interference in employers’ judgment concerning the conduct of their business. (Ibid.)

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