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L. Emancipation

1. Cause of emancipation

Emancipation takes place by the attainment of majority. Unless otherwise provided, majority commences at the age of eighteen years.(Article 234, Family Code, as amended by R.A. 6809)

2. Effect of emancipation

Emancipation shall terminate parental authority over the person and property of the child who shall then be qualified and responsible for all acts of civil life, save the exceptions established by existing laws in special cases. (Article 236, Ibid.)

Contracting marriage shall require parental consent until the age of twenty-one. (Paragraph 2, Article 236, Ibid.)

Nothing in the Family Code shall be construed to derogate from the duty or responsibility of parents and guardians for children and wards below twenty-one years of age mentioned in the second and third paragraphs of Article 2180 of the Civil Code. (Paragraph 3, Article 236, Ibid.)

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