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J. Quitclaims in Labor Cases


a. Requisites

1) Consent (i.e. signature portion)

2) Object (i.e. item sold or transacted)

3) Consideration (i.e. purchase price)

b. Magic Words

That I, [insert: employee name, citizenship, age, and address], under oath, do hereby depose and state, that:

I was previously employed as [insert: position] | at [insert: employer’s name] (the “Company”).

For and in consideration of the amount of [insert: AMOUNT IN WORDS] (Php_________.__) | which I have fully received as consideration representing my full and complete settlement amount | for any and all claims and causes of action, of whatsoever nature, in connection with my employment | I hereby unconditionally and completely release and discharge the Company, as well as its officers and employees | from any and all claims of whatsoever nature arising out of or in connection with my employment.

I finally declare that I have read and understood this entire document which is a release, waiver, and quitclaim | and the same has been explained to me.  Further, I hereby attest that I freely, willingly, and voluntarily signed and executed this document with full and complete knowledge of my rights under the law, without any use of force, coercion, duress, violence, threat, or intimidation on me.

c. Reminders

1) Quitclaims are valid.

2) They are invalid if they are contrary to law, morals, good customs, or public policy.

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