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D. Practice of professions


1) Labor, domestic materials, locally produced goods

The State shall promote the preferential use of Filipino labor, domestic materials and locally produced goods, and adopt measures that help make them competitive. (Section 12, Article XII, 1987 Constitution)

2) Trade policy

The State shall pursue a trade policy that serves the general welfare and utilizes all forms and arrangements of exchange on the basis of equality and reciprocity. (Section 13, Article XII, Ibid.)

3) Reservoir of national talents

The sustained development of a reservoir of national talents consisting of Filipino scientists, entrepreneurs, professionals, managers, high-level technical manpower and skilled workers and craftsmen in all fields shall be promoted by the State. (Section 14, Article XII, Ibid.)

The State shall encourage appropriate technology and regulate its transfer for the national benefit. (Section 14, Article XII, Ibid.)

4) Practice of all professions

The practice of all professions in the Philippines shall be limited to Filipino citizens, save in cases prescribed by law. (Paragraph 2, Section 14, Article XII, Ibid.)

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