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5. Jurisdiction of notary public and place of notarization


A person commissioned as notary public may perform notarial acts in any place within the territorial jurisdiction of the commissioning court for a period of two (2) years commencing the first day of January of the year in which the commissioning is made, unless earlier revoked or the notary public has resigned under these Rules and the Rules of Court. (Ibid. Section 11, Rule III, Ibid.)


A notary public shall not perform a notarial act outside his regular place of work or business; provided, however, that on certain exceptional occasions or situations, a notarial act may be performed at the request of the parties in the following sites located within his territorial jurisdiction: (1)  public offices, convention halls, and similar places where oaths of office may be administered; (2)  public function areas in hotels and similar places for the signing of instruments or documents requiring notarization; (3)  hospitals and other medical institutions where a party to an instrument or document is confined for treatment; and (4)  any place where a party to an instrument or document requiring notarization is under detention. (Section 2[a], Rule IV, Ibid.)

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