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3. Lawyers who have been repatriated


Under RA 9225, if a person intends to practice the legal profession in the Philippines and he reacquires his Filipino citizenship pursuant to its provisions “(he) shall apply with the proper authority for a license or permit to engage in such practice.” (Petition for Leave to Resume Practice of Law, Dacanay, B.M. No. 1678, 17 December 2007)

1) Requirements

Stated otherwise, before a lawyer who reacquires Filipino citizenship pursuant to RA 9225 can resume his law practice, he must first secure from this Court the authority to do so, conditioned on:

1) The updating and payment in full of the annual membership dues in the IBP;

2) The payment of professional tax;

3) The completion of at least 36 credit hours of mandatory continuing legal education; this is specially significant to refresh the applicant/petitioner’s knowledge of Philippine laws and update him of legal developments; and

4) The retaking of the lawyer’s oath which will not only remind him of his duties and responsibilities as a lawyer and as an officer of the Court, but also renew his pledge to maintain allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines. (Ibid.)

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