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3. Grounds


Administrative charges are classified as serious, less serious, or light. (Section 7, A.M. No. 01-08-SC)

1) Serious charges

Serious charges, include:

1) Bribery, direct or indirect;

2) Dishonesty and violations of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Law (R.A. No. 3019);

3) Gross misconduct constituting violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct;

4) Knowingly rendering an unjust judgment or order as determined by a competent court in an appropriate proceeding;

5) Conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude;

6) Willful failure to pay a just debt;

7) Borrowing money or property from lawyers and litigants in a case pending before the court;

8) Immorality;

9) Gross ignorance of the law or procedure;

10) Partisan political activities; and

11) Alcoholism and/or vicious habits. (Section 8, A.M. No. 01-08-SC)

2) Less serious charges

Less Serious Charges include:

1) Undue delay in rendering a decision or order, or in transmitting the records of a case;

2) Frequently and unjustified absences without leave or habitual tardiness;

3) Unauthorized practice of law;

4) Violation of Supreme Court rules, directives, and circulars;

5) Receiving additional or double compensation unless specifically authorized by law;

6) Untruthful statements in the certificate of service; and

7) Simple Misconduct. (Section 9, A.M. No. 01-08-SC)

3) Light charges charges

Light Charges include:

1) Vulgar and unbecoming conduct;

2) Gambling in public;

3) Fraternizing with lawyers and litigants with pending case/cases in his court; and

4) Undue delay in the submission of monthly reports. (Section 10, A.M. No. 01-08-SC)

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