Important but often ignored during bar exam review

The bar exam is not just a licensure exam. It is a struggle, it is a fight, it is an accomplishment of a dream for many.

Yet, many often ignore something important during the bar exam review.

You have to condition your mind to build mental fortitude.

Go to a fight feeling defeated and helpless, you will likely go down.

But if you go there raring for a good showdown of your knowledge and skills, then half of he battle has already been won.

During my bar exam review, I knew motivation was important. Having taken up psychology as my minor in undergrad, I knew the impact and value of a good mindset as opposed to a negative one.

There is this old Cherokee story of a grandfather telling his grandson that two wolves are fighting inside the older man. One was good, the other bad. The grandfather said that soon the grandchild will face the same. Curious, the kid asked who would win? The grandfather replied: the one you feed.

The same goes for bar examinees between their anxieties and confidence. The one you feed will grow and win. Hence, it is crucial to reserve personal time to boost your mental fortitude. You can start by listening to inspiring or motivational talks like this video:


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