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TO AID AND HELP bar examinees during the pandemic, we are pleased to announce that BARMENTOR.PH is giving free access to the Barmentor.PH – Library, where you can access free online bar exam reviewers.

The reviewers follow the prescribed Bar Exam Syllabus from the Supreme Court.

Per Bar Bulletin No. 15, Series of 2020, the syllabi for all subjects “remain unchanged and will be used in the 2020/21 Bar Examinations.”

You may access the library through this website:

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Stay safe and keep moving forward!

Civil Law

Free access: Civil Law Reviewer

Part 1 – In General

Part 2 – Persons and Family Relations

Part 2A – Property

Part 3 – Property

Part 4 – Succession

Part 5 – Obligations

Part 6 – Contracts

Part 7 – Natural Obligations

Part 8 – Estoppel

Part 9 – Special Contracts

Part 10 – Quasi-Contracts

Part 11 – Land Titles and Deeds

Part 12 – Torts

Part 13 – Damages


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