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1) Please check first the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – so you can easily get answers to your questions (which may have already been asked and answered).
2) Due to voluminous inquiries, no response will be provided to questions which are already in this FAQ — that is, after all, its purpose.

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Bar Mentor PH

Please make sure to read this before making an inquiry via our Contact Us.

Yes and No.

Yes — in terms of free content that is available to members with free paid membership plans. All members start with a free paid membership plan.

No — in terms of paid content that is available to paid members only with a paid membership plan.

The Mentoring Program consists of:
1) Access to audio-video lectures – at least 20 minutes for each section of a bar exam subject (a section is defined as a category, e.g. 1 – Basic Concept, 2- General Principles, both are sections under Political Law; as opposed to a Part, e.g. Parts 1 and 2 for Civil Law);
2) Pre-tests before each section of a bar exam subject; and
3) Post-tests for each section of a bar exam subject;
4) Mid-Term Exams in the middle of a bar exam subject; and
5) Final Exams at the end of a bar exam subject.

1) Pre- and Post- tests shall include:
⦁ Multiple choice questions; and/or
⦁ True/false questions.
2) Mid-Term Exams and Final Exams shall include:
⦁ Multiple choice questions;
⦁ True/False questions;
⦁ Modified True/False; questions; and/or
⦁ Essay questions
3) All essay questions include written feedback via email on essay answers.
4) Optional: Student may avail of a 30-minute consultation to discuss feedback on essay answers.

For more details, see:


Add-ons to the Mentoring:
1) Mock Bar Exam
2) Mini-Mock Bar Exam
3) Practice Tests

For more details, see:


1) While lectures/discussions are provided, it is primarily test practice driven to simulate bar exam conditions –> learning how to effectively answer questions.

  • Video lessons help only to a certain extent in terms of reminding you on key areas. What really matters – and counts in the end – is your knowledge and skills to answer questions, which is the very essence of the bar exam.
  • Hence, for purposes of increasing your points in the bar exam, the focus is on learning how to answering questions.

2) For the content, it is primarily focused on mastering and applying concepts and principles — particularly those which have been asked in previous bar exams. The bar exam is designed for this purpose.

  • No bar exam reviewer out there will cover “all topics” as that is not the nature and purpose of a review.
  • If you want a reference that will cover “all topics”, it is suggested that you buy a law book of a recognized author.

The reasons may be any of the following:

1) The content is not yet available — as it is being updated to align with the current bar exam syllabus; – or –
2) The content you are trying to access is available for those with a paid membership plan.

If you have a paid membership plan and you are unable to access content linked to your plan, feel free to reach our via our: Contact Us.

Yes, provided that the subject is already open and available for mentoring. You may also check on the announcements.

When the content or mentoring program is available, there will be an announcement with the pricing.

For payments, you may pay bank deposit/wire transfer. Bank details will be provided to you upon signing up for a paid membership plan.

No, this review does not qualify as a refresher course as it has to be done with a law school. The bar exam review mentoring program is an as is where is service — and is not, in any way, connected to a compliance requirement for taking the bar exam.

See: Bar Matter No. 3756 (2020)

The Library is no longer available. During the 2020/21 bar exam review period, access to the Library was opened for free access to help bar examinees during the height of the pandemic.

Currently, the online reviewers, lessons, practice tests, and other content, may be accessible via the Review Center for members only.

It takes a lot of time, effort, and resources into creating content, from researching, writing, editing, designing, video editing, website development, and so on. What you are thus seeing or consuming is the output of several individuals who contributed various knowledge, skills, and talent into making this happen. We owe them the respect and gratitude for their hard work and dedication. And, it starts with acknowledging and upholding their intellectual property rights.

As we repeatedly remind our members, fair warning to all bad actors intending to pirate or violate our intellectual property. Technology and law enforcement has sufficiently advanced to be able to detect, identify, and locate perpetrators.

Taking the bar exam is about effectively answering questions to maximize your points.

  • Accordingly, like an athlete preparing for the Olympics by actually practicing the sport, you should review by simulating as much as possible the act of answering questions — repeatedly and continuously until it becomes second nature.
  • Just like athletes, you should show no hesitations when the time comes

That is why, the emphasis of the Mentoring Program is to subject students to a battery of tests and exams.

Take note, it does not matter how much you have read — if you do not know how to effective answer bar exam questions.

About the
2022 Bar Exam

Please refer – always – to the Supreme Court’s official website or twitter account for real-time updates. The information herein is simply our way to collect available information to help bar examinees — and thus NOT OFFICIAL information. 

Yes, it appears that the 2022 Bar Exam will follow the 2020-21 Bar Exam model.