NOTICE: Please carefully read this page on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). It contains answers to questions that are usually asked during inquires. If new questions are asked, they shall be added to the FAQ. Thus, only email inquiries not in the FAQ shall be provided a response.

The Online Bar Review Mentoring

How will the online bar review mentoring be conducted?

The online bar review mentoring program shall be conducted via Google Suite’s ecosystem of interconnected applications to provide you with the most effective means of online learning.

The ecosystem shall primarily be built on Google Suite, which provides trusted, reliable, and secured applications, such as Classroom, Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, YouTube, Forms, Drive, among others.

In addition, the Google ecosystem was chosen given the popularity, ease of use, and general familiarity of these applications by many students and reviewees.

On this note, you are advised that all activities via the account shall be considered that of the account holder. It is thus important that you protect your username and password, as well as avoid disclosing or sharing them, whether intentional or otherwise.

What is the mode of communication?

English shall be used as the preferred medium of instruction.

What is the mode of payment?

Payment may be made via Paypal, GCash, Paymaya, or bank deposit. Details shall be provided in the application form.

Will you be replying to Facebook and social media messages?

No. All communications are coursed through via email at: info@barmentor.ph.

Inquiries which are covered by this FAQ will also not be provided any reply.

Students intending to take the bar exam and become lawyers are expected to read, read, and read.

Is the online bar review mentoring program open to current law students?

Yes, subject to the following order of priority: law graduates, senior law students, and then junior law students. It is recommended that a law student should at least be in the 3rd year of law school to appreciate the online bar review mentoring program.

Account Creation

What will be the first step to taking the online bar review?

Once you have successfully registered, you shall be issued a personal GSuite account (“account”) via our domain in the form of Gmail, e.g. yourfirstnameandlastname@barmentor.ph.

The account shall allow you access the ecosystem of interconnected applications that shall form part of the bar exam review. You shall also be receiving advisories and updates via your email.

What is the purpose of the GSuite account?

The GSuite account will allow reviewees to access Google Classrooms for each Bar Exam Subject. In each classroom, review materials and content, as well as practice tests and exams, will be posted regularly.

How long can I keep the account?

The account is connected to the review period covering your review plan.

After the end of the said review period, the account shall be deleted.

May I share my account?

No, it is prohibited, against the terms, and may lead to intellectual property violation.

Please note that all activities that all activities via the account shall be considered that of the account holder. These include unusual and suspicious activities, which may be the basis for an investigation and prosecution in case of intellectual property violation. These include, but are not limited to, unauthorized access, use, downloading, distribution, of proprietary content, among others.

Review Plans

What review plans are available?

There are three (3) review plans that are available, namely: (a) Basic, (b) Standard, (c) Premium.

What is covered by the Basic Review Plan?

The Basic Review Plan consists of the following:

  1. GSuite Account – refers to a Google Suite / Gmail account issued to reviewees (e.g. yourname@barmentor.ph) so they can access the content for the bar review within an ecosystem of interconnected Google applications, such as Classroom, Docs, Slides, Sheets, YouTube, Forms, Google Drive, among others.
  2. Online lessons – refer to the audio-visual presentation of lectures.
  3. Slides/handouts – refer to the slides used in the lectures and in digital format via PDF.
  4. Customizable Syllabus (Word) – refer to the syllabus for each bar exam subject in Word format so that students can edit and customize it as their personalized outline reviewer.
  5. 10-year Bar Exam Questions (pdf) – refer to compilation of bar exam questions for last ten (10) years.

What is covered by the Standard Review Plan?

The Standard Review Plan consists of all in Basic Review Plan, plus:

  1. PDF Review Materials – refer to review materials in PDF format for the corresponding part or section of a bar exam subject as additional reference or reading material.
  2. Weekly Practice Tests (WPT) – refer to weekly quizzes or tests, such as multiple-choice questions, enumerations, definition, and essay questions.
  3. Coaching on WPT Test Results – refer to discussions on the answers of the practice tests.
  4. 10-year Bar Exam Survey – refer to the analysis and study of bar exam questions for the last ten (10) years to provide for insights into frequently asked topics or concepts.
  5. Resources (laws, IRR, etc.) – refer to shared resource site or folder hosting relevant laws, regulations, jurisprudence, etc.).

What is covered by the Premium Review Plan?

The Premium Review Plan consists of all in Standard Review Plan, plus:

  1. Weekly Monitoring & Assessments – refer to monitoring of performance in the bar review in terms of pacing and understanding through regular checking and assessments.
  2. Bi-Monthly Mentoring – refer to a 1-hour mentoring session twice a month via videoconferencing for the purpose of discussing specific or challenging topics, improving presentation of answers to essay exam questions, and general advisory and strategies to bar review.
  3. Personalized Tests and Reviewers – refer to additional customized tests and review materials depending on the reviewees performance, which shall be monitored throughout the review period, and may include pre-test and post-test comparisons on parts or topics of a bar exam subject.
  4. Online Mock Bar Exam (MBE) – simulation of a computerized bar examination, including the time-element, re-formulation of previous bar exam questions, and possible setup for the next year’s bar exam.
  5. Coaching on MBE Results – refer to discussion on the answers of the online mock bar exam.

Review Materials

When do we receive the review materials?

The release of the review materials will be per batch and aligned with the Bar Review Schedule for the corresponding subject, part, or topic.

Please note that review materials will depend on the chosen review plan. To illustrate, the Basic Plan covers slides/handouts of presentations and customized syllabus. The Standard Plan includes them plus weekly practice tests and their answer key, 10-year bar exam survey, and resources (laws, IRRs, etc.). The Premium Plan includes those in the Basic Plan and Standard Plan plus personalized tests and reviewers, and so on.

Digital Library

Are the reviewers in the digital reviewer free to access?

Yes, they are free to access.

Do I need an account to access the digital library?

No, you do not need an account. You can simply access it online.

Why are there no entries on certain parts or sections of a bar exam subject?

The reviewer may not have been uploaded yet.

Are the contents being updated?

Yes, the content is regularly being updated, revised, or improved for better presentation or understanding of the reader.

On theft and intellectual property violation

Are you aware of possible intellectual property violation/theft over the online content?

Yes. A law student has already been arrested and criminally prosecuted for downloading proprietary bar exam review content and distributing them.

It is in this light that we have applied various security measures as discussed below to protect intellectual property. If we notice any suspicious activities, we shall thoroughly investigate and ensure that offenders shall be made liable to the full extent of the law. It is thus important for account holders to protect their accounts during the review to avoid being involved in such activities.

Why do you ask for identification cards and other personal information?

Verification is done on every applicant. This is part of the security measures that we have placed to check a person’s identity. As will be discussed below, a review shall be provided an account which will serve as his gate pass to access the content and materials for the bar exam review.

Rest assured that the collection and processing of personal information complies with the Data Privacy Act and relevant laws and regulations. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details: www.barmentor.ph/privacy-policy.

User feedback

Can I give feedback, such as suggestions for improvements?

Yes, we accept, and we are thankful for feedback, particularly suggestion for improvements. This gives us the opportunity to improve our services and our content.

What if I notice a mistake or error?

While we exercise utmost due diligence in the preparation of the content, we are aware of a small a minor possibility of a mistake or error. As mentioned earlier, we accept, and we will are thankful for the feedback. You are not only helping in improving the service and content, you are also helping other reviewees and students.

Thus, please submit such entries and then we will review them. We will update the concerned content the soonest and make the necessary announcements.

How can I give feedback?

You can use our contact forms or via email at info@barmentor.ph.