About Bar Mentor.PH


I am Atty. Jericho B. Del Puerto.

Back in 2019, I created BARMENTOR.PH.

My vision was simple: To build a system-based online bar review mentoring program

So now, my mission are as follows:

1) I have to design a system that would effectively reinforce a bar examinee’s learning and memory retention; and,

2) I have to create effective bar exam reviewers, online lectures, practice tests, and mock bar exams.

So, why am I doing this? I’ve been repeatedly asked what a system-based bar exam review is all about whenever I advise bar examinees on how to prepare for the bar.

Bar Mentor PH is the how.


Let me know how I am doing so far by reaching out. Oh, since this is the about section, I am providing a short description about me below. I’m sure you can Google the rest.

Quick Professional Bio

Resource Speaker

I am a regular lecturer and resource speaker for the law-related seminars, lectures, and training, as well as for bar review.

R.A. UP Law Center

I assisted in preparing the Suggested Answers to the Bar Exam formulated by a panel of experts, while working as a research assistant for 3 years at the U.P. Law Center.

Law Book Author

I authored with at least four books, focusing on the legal aspects of business, labor and employment, and related topics.

Experienced Lecturer

I taught law to executives, managers, and entrepreneurs taking up MBA at a prestigious university for at least 5 years.

Order of the Purple Feather

I had the good fortune to have been awarded and inducted to the Order of the Purple Feather, the official honor society of U.P. Law.

Where you can find me online

jerichodelpuerto.attorney | linkedin.com/in/jerichodelpuerto

Good luck future lawyer!