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Access lessons, reviewers, practice tests, etc.

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Access lessons, reviewers, practice tests, etc.

Access lessons, reviewers, practice tests, etc.

Access lessons, reviewers, practice tests, etc.

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Bar Exam Subjects

Political Law, Labor Law

B. Legitimate labor organizations

Labor organization. Labor organization – means any union or association of employees which exists in whole or in part for the purpose of collective bargaining

A. Right to self-organization

1. Who may join, form, or assist labor organizations or workers’ associations Coverage. – All persons employed — in commercial, industrial and agricultural enterprises and

D. Disability and death benefits

1. Labor Code NB:The Labor Code provisions on disability and death benefits are under Title II – Employees Compensation and State Insurance Fraud, Book IV


1. COVERAGE AND EXCLUSIONS a. Compulsory coverage Employers of employees compulsorily covered by the SSS. These shall include private employers previously granted waiver or suspension

Criminal Law, Commercial Law

Q. Swindling by Syndicate

Frequency: ★★☆☆☆ 1. Crime Swindling by a syndicate: Swindling (estafa) by syndicate is committed by a syndicate consisting of five or more persons formed with

O. Anti-Carnapping Act

Frequency: ★★★☆☆ “Body building” – refers to a job undertaken on a motor vehicle in order to replace its entire body with a new body.

N. Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012

Frequency: ★★★★☆ “Access” – refers to the instruction, communication with, storing data in, retrieving data from, or otherwise making use of any resources of a

M. Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002

Frequency: ★★★★☆ 1. Crimes a. Sale, trading, administration, dispensation, delivery, distribution and transportation of dangerous drugs and/or controlled precursors and essential chemicals 1st Mode 1)

Civil Law, Remedial Law

B. Testamentary succession

1. Wills a. CONCEPT 1) Last will and testament A will is an act whereby a person is permitted, with the formalities prescribed by law,

A. General provisions

1. DEFINTIONS Succession. Succession – is a mode of acquisition by virtue of which the property, rights and obligations to the extent of the value

L. Retroactivity of the Family Code

Concept: Retroactivity. This Code shall have retroactive effect insofar as it does not prejudice or impair vested or acquired rights in accordance with the Civil

K. Emancipation

Concept: Emancipation. Emancipation takes place by the attainment of majority. Unless otherwise provided, majority commences at the age of eighteen years.(Article 234, Family Code, as

J. Parental authority

1. GENERAL PROVISIONS Scope and extent of parental authority. Pursuant to the natural right and duty of parents over the person and property of their

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