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2022 Bar Exam

We are finalizing our content and services for the November 2022 Bar Exam. If you wish to reserve a slot, sign up here.

Meanwhile, we will keep the Library open for everyone – especially for the 2020/21 bar examinees, as we understand there are many who use on it. We notice that many access the suggested answers to previous bar exam questions.

After the 2020/21 Bar Exam or by February 7, 2021, please be advised that the Library will be made accessible to enrolled students only.


TO CONTINUE AIDING AND HELPING the 2020/21 bar examinees in this time of pandemic, we are giving continued free access to our Library, which contain reviewers of topics under the 2020/21 Bar Exam Syllabus and previous bar exam questions.



RESERVATION FOR THE 2022 BAR EXAM REVIEW MENTORING is now open. The registration process will require an interview to determine suitability for mentoring. In addition, it is also our measure to protect our content against intellectual property violations.


registration is now open!

Be Mentored.

“A mentor is not someone who walks ahead of us to show us how they did it. A mentor walks alongside us to show us what we can do.” – Simon Sinek

Why mentoring?

What’s in the mentoring program?

Access to a Mentor

During your mentoring program, you have access to a mentor who you can ask if you have questions or clarifications on any of our content. You may even suggest or request a content that could help you better understand a topic.

Exclusive Content

You will be granted access to our exclusive content, from on-demand courses and lessons, online reviewers/articles, PDF resources (e.g. table, illustrations, etc.), practice tests, and much, much more.

Mentoring v. Review

Conventional bar exam review does not work for a majority of reviewees because lessons are for the general audience. With a mentoring program, areas where you may need improvement and reinforcement will be noticed by your mentor and suitable content will be developed to address your weakness.

Mentoring Sessions

In addition to access to our exclusive content, a 1-hour mentoring session schedule will be opened for your group twice a month to thresh out areas where you may have concerns.

Practice Tests

Answering practice tests matter to reinforce what you know. For certain sections, you will be given a pre-test and a post-test to see how you have improved before and after going through our exclusive content and mentoring sessions.

Mock Bar Exams

Two (2) online Mock Bar Exams (MBE), separated by at least two (2) weeks, will be conducted. For each MBE, you will have a one-on-one coaching with a mentor to help you improve the presentation and content of your answers, as well as give you tips and suggestions.

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